M Shape Refinement​

1. It fundamentally improves the problem of thick lips, and the postoperative changes are significant and long-lasting.
2. In addition to lip reduction, it further “sculpts the lips” to enhance the delicacy and dynamic image of the lower face of the patient.
3. Effectively reduce the area of internal lip eversion, improving the thick lips caused by eversion.
4. Customizable adjustment according to the patient’s needs.
5. Visually reduce the area of the lips.

Local injection lip augmentation

This is a convenient method for lip augmentation, using injections to add volume to the lips. The filler used for injection is hyaluronic acid.

Thick Lips

According to the reasons for thick lips, they can be classified into simple thick lips and compensatory thick lips caused by protruding dentition, and the solutions for the two are different:
Simple thick lips – lip reduction surgery
If you have simple thick lips, you can improve them by lip reduction surgery: reducing the excessively thick or disproportionate excess parts, while also improving the overly everted lip shape. In addition, the excess fat at the edges of the upper and lower lips should be trimmed. Usually, lip peak, lip bead, and the overall sculptural modification of the edge of the letter M are also combined to achieve a satisfactory postoperative result.
Compensatory thick lips caused by protruding teeth – chin augmentation for improvement
Furthermore, many people have compensatory thick lips caused by the protrusion of dental bone (referred to as protruding teeth). The typical situation is: the lips are thick and everted, and the side profile shows that the upper lip protrudes outward, making it difficult to close the mouth naturally when the lips are completely relaxed. It requires effort to close the lips, making the chin appear more withdrawn.For patients with these kinds of concerns, it is recommended to first use a chin pad to improve the problem of closed lips. This can also improve the appearance of a receding chin and modify the facial contour, and can further improve the condition of lips turning outwards

Thin Lips

Some people have naturally thin lips, or their lips may become thin and shrivel due to aging. Others may desire the full and sexy lips found in Western beauty standards. For these cases, lip augmentation can be performed using fillers.

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