MAX Double Eyelid

Double eyelid surgery can increase confidence, mainly by changing the shape and size of the eyes to make them more proportional and suitable.

1. MAX Invisible Double Eyelid

Thread embedding is suitable for those with a high baseline for the eyes, and is only suitable for young people with thin eyelids and no excess skin.

(Limited applicability, short maintenance effect)

2. Minimally Invasive Incision Double Eyelid

The incision method is suitable for various eye shapes, with quick recovery and natural effects. It can also remove fat and improve eyelid swelling.

(Quick recovery time, long-lasting effect)

3. Traditional Full Incision Double Eyelid

Full incision is suitable for various eye shapes and eye conditions, and can adjust muscles, especially for those with poor eye baseline.

(Long recovery time, long-lasting effect)

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